Pastor of Students and Young Adults

Dustin Clegg has served full-time as the Pastor of Students and Young Adults here at Wynne Baptist since January of 2014. However, he has had the unique experience of being a minister to our church and to these same young adults for several years prior to his coming on staff!  Having farmed for twelve years with his father in a successful family business, the Lord surprised and challenged Dustin (and his family!) by calling him to leave his chosen career—for HIS chosen work as a full-time minister to the people of his church family!  Dustin’s obedience has been a blessing to WBC, as the Young Adults and Students ministries have seen an enthusiasm and growth during the past few months.


It is this enthusiasm making up  Dustin’s personality…along with an ample supply of dry wit… that draws people to him. One can easily observe that he is passionate about seeing others embrace, love, and follow Jesus.


Blessed with two daughters, Laynie  and Selah, Dustin and his wife, Beth, are on a waiting list for God’s provision of a third child through international adoption. In addition to helping Dustin with a very active Young Adults Sunday School Class and Students Ministries, Beth is found busy in other areas of church life. Music plays a major role, as she serves on the Singer’s Team, the Church Choir, and often does solo work as her form of worship. Besides these activities, Beth is also a hair stylist and can be found in her shop, using these creative skills.


Desiring to prepare himself more completely for work in the ministry, Dustin is taking courses at Union University at the Stephen Olford Center in Germantown. Once he receives his Associate of Divinity degree, he hopes to continue his education by getting Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from seminary.


Q: How did you come to the ministry?

A: A few years ago God began drawing me to the ministry, and for a long time I struggled with how and where He wanted me to serve. Last year the call on my life began to be very intense to the point of me not being able to tell God no. I'm very thankful and humbled He has called me to be used in His work here at Wynne Baptist.


Q: What would you want people to know about your heart for the ministry?

A: I want to see others come to the point of Acts 4:20 being true of them. We must first see Jesus for who He is and our deep need for Him and His work on the cross. When we truly understand this, our motives of worship, service, and ministry move from guilt and duty to joy and passion for Him. Only then can we live life abundantly.


Q: What are your desires for your personal ministry?

A: My desires for my ministry is, first of all, to be genuine in my own walk with God, and then to see others following Jesus passionately as well.


Q: What is an interesting and unknown fact about yourself?

A: I grew five inches over night…. Literally. When I was 18 I had a back surgery to correct scoliosis. My spine had two curves in it, and when it was corrected I gained five inches in height.


Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: I love to hunt, fish, and watch the hogs play, but my favorite thing to do is to wrestle in the floor with Laynie and Selah. I also like to read biographies about interesting people.


Q: What is your favorite verses?

A: Philippians 1:21 -  "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." and Acts 4:20 - "for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard."


Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: I enjoy hanging out with students and young adults and watching God work in their lives.


Q: Beth: What would you want the church family to know about Dustin?

A: Dustin loves Jesus.  He loves his wife.  He loves his children.  He loves the church... God's children, his brothers and sisters.  He loves the lost.  He is who he is all the time and no matter who he is with. He is a hard worker and knows how to serve with a loving spirit. God has given Dustin wisdom beyond his years, and he is sensitive to the Holy Spirit when making decisions. Dustin longs to be Christ-honoring in everything he does.








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