The simplest way to subscribe to our sermon podcast is via Apple's iTunes. Once set up, iTunes will automatically download new audio sermons as soon as they are available. Just follow these simple steps:


1. Download iTunes here:

2. Install iTunes.

3. Click here: Subscribe with iTunes

4. Click on the View in iTunes button (located on the left side)

5. Click the Subscribe button

6. Double-click any file to play.

7. Click the podcast icon in the iTunes sidebar to view your subscriptions and

    check for new downloads.


Have an iPhone or iPod Touch?

Simply open the iTunes app directly on the device and search for "Wynne Baptist Church." You can subscribe and download messages directly from your device, and it's completely free (please note that downloads may only be available when using WiFi).


Instructions for Other Software

Although iTunes is currently the most popular podcasting software available, you may want to use other programs depending on your operating system or digital audio player.

These programs all differ in how they handle podcasts, but the process for subscribing is usually similar. Simply copy and past the link below into your tool of choice to subscribe.




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