Pastor of Discipleship/Missions

Being an “MK,” (aka “Military Kid,”) Mike Shipp brings a unique perspective

to his role as Pastor of Discipleship and Missions. Having lived in cultures foreign to our own, he knows first hand the value in sharing Christ’s love with an authentic lifestyle…not just in verbal form. It is this desire to teach the Church as he walks daily with his Lord that becomes so apparent when you meet our new Pastor of Discipleship and Missions.


For over 15 years, Mike’s heart’s desire has been to serve as a “sheepdog” to a shepherd. That’s the picture God gave Mike when He called Mike into full time ministry. Mike’s desire is to partner with a pastor to care for and expand the church of God. Mike has also served with local associations and state conventions to assist churches with their discipleship and leadership development.


Approximately 6 years ago, Bro. Mike met Cindy, who eventually became his bride. The Lord has blessed their marriage with the birth of Joshua.


Previous to coming to WBC, his past ministries have included: Greater Gresham Baptist Church, Gresham, OR, as Pastor of Adults and Administration; ManHeart Ministries, Founder, Saraland, AL; First Baptist North Mobile, Saraland, AL, as Adults and Singles Pastor; Carpenter’s Way Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX, as Associate Pastor; First Baptist Church, Terrell, TX, as Minister of Education and Administration; and Legacy Drive Baptist Church, Plano, TX, as Pastor to Adults.


Q: How did you come to the ministry?

A:  I was in the 8th grade when I originally responded to God’s call to full time ministry while at student camp. But it wasn’t until I was 29 that I truly began pursuing God’s call on my life. It was while I was attending a new church in Plano, Texas that God changed my life. In the midst of serving God in several areas, I sensed He wasn’t finished with me yet and I renewed my calling to full time ministry.


Q: What would you want people to know about your heart for the ministry?

A: My deepest desire is to be a part of a transformed church made up of transformed lives serving to transform the world into the likeness of Jesus.


Q: What are your desires for your personal ministry?

A: I want people to get that discipleship isn’t only the job of the person at the front of the room.  We are all called to personally disciple others.


Q: What is an interesting and unknown fact about yourself?

A: I owned a Harley at one time and to this day I still miss it.  Should have never sold it.


Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: Cycling, watching movies and anything sports related, especially Texas Longhorn and Alabama Crimson Tide football!  Hook ‘em Horns and Roll Tide!


Q: What is your favorite verse?

A:I John 5:4-5 - "For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God."


Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: There are two thing I really enjoy.  The first thing I love about my job is sitting across the table or around a campfire with some guys, hearing how God is working in their lives.  The second thing I love about my job is watching someone experience an “Aha!” moment in their walk with God.  I remember those moments for me and love being there when someone else experiences one of those moments.


Q: Cindy: What would you want the church family to know about Mike?

A: First of all, I would have to share that he is very passionate and sincere about his ministry here at Wynne Baptist. He has a strong desire to teach others about God and His Word. Mike also desires to share God’s love to those who may or may not have had the opportunity to hear about Him; it doesn’t matter if he’s teaching a Bible Study or serving someone in town or overseas. For Mike, it is not just a job but a lifestyle. He loves what he does and we are thankful that God has blessed us with the opportunity to do just that. Secondly, he loves to bike (like Tour de France kind of biking☺). We watch it every year when it comes on. He has a road bike and a mountain bike. Lastly, he has overjoyed and overwhelmed me with his awesome fatherness! Words cannot describe of how blessed I am to have him not only as a great husband but the best hands on dad in the world. If you can name it he has probably done it - from diapers and sickness to playing and feeding. I am so thankful and so blessed. He has waited on the Lord a long, long time for this opportunity that I am sure he thought was closed, but got blessed us beyond measure with our miracle son Josh.







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