Studying God's Word Together

At Wynne Baptist, we believe spiritual growth is important. For that reason, we challenge every person to do life together with other believers in a Bible Study Group. All of our groups spend time in God’s word through topical studies, church-wide emphases and more. That’s why it is important that you find a group that meets your needs. As your needs change, you can change groups. Need help finding a small group? Contact Mike Shipp by email or by calling the Church Office (238-3271).


 9am Bible Study


Elementary (K-6th)

Student (7th-12th)



Babies A: PS101 - Jill McDaniel

Babies B: PS103 - Volunteer

Twos: PS104 -

Threes: PS106 -

Fours: PS108 - Debbie Henry

All children will begin in The Orchard (2nd Floor in the Children's Wing). This is where children are led to worship God on a kid level that includes singing praises to God, drama presentations, giving of our offerings, scripture memorization and story time. Sunday morning Orchard time is concluded each week with the dismissal to Grow Groups. Grow Groups are small groups designed for kids to build relationships and apply the Bible story more directly to their lives. Grow Groups are divided into graded breakdowns and are for kids in kindergarten through 6th grade.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: W210 - Carolynne Williams & TJ Williams

3rd Grade - 5th Grade: W209 - Brenda Conner & Charlie Haire

6th Grade: W212 - Katie Caldwell & Carly McDaniel

Bible Study Groups are designed to help students connect with each other and have some fun while growing deeper in their walk with the Lord. Groups hang out every Sunday morning at 9am in the Student Room in groups of 8-10.

Guys - Richard Cooper, Paul Ellis, Doug McDaniel, Rex Vines

Girls - Nikki Garner, Kathy Helton, Jennifer Maino, Kim Vines

College: E208 - Carly & Kirk Owens

20's-30's: E210 - Dustin Clegg

30's-40's: E203 - Kenneth Moore

30's-40's(Couples): A105 - Jason Leake/Karl Garner

30's-40's: W107 - Butch Phelps

40's-50's: A101 - Van Baker

40's-50's(Ladies): A104 - Dana Otterpohl

40s-50's: E207 - Lindell Staggs

40's-50's: E204 - Donnie Johnston

40's-50's(Ladies): B101 - Kitty Bingham

40's-50's: A111 - Tommy Owens

50's-60's(Ladies): A107 - Victoria Harris

50's-60's: A108 - Jim Burnette

50's-60's: A113 - Marion White

60+(Ladies): W101 - Betty Stutts

60+(Ladies): W108 - Mary Hunter

60+(Ladies): W109 - Gail Pucik​​

60+(Men): W105 - Bill Winkler

60+(Men): W1110 - Jim Sugg

60+(Men): E102 - Talmadge Doss


MONDAY - Ladies (all ages): A104 - Gay Kittrell

Have a Bible Study Group Question?


Contact Mike Shipp at or give us a call at (870) 238-3271.

(8:00am - 5:00pm, M-Th and 8:00am - 4:00pm, F)










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